Why use a Car Finance Broker?


A car finance broker will provide you with options, expertise and specialist knowledge.


The car finance industry in the past has been dominated by car dealerships and the major banks. Times have changed and client options have increased through the availability of car finance products through non-banking institutions. These changes have provided many options for consumers, which has kept the market competitive and has increased the importance of a car finance broker to locate the best deal.


For a consumer to sift through all the options and understand the differences, it would be a nightmare and could lead to a misunderstanding of product features. This could cost a consumer thousands in the long run but can be easily avoided by simply speaking with a professional car finance broker.


A good car finance broker has their finger on the pulse, has developed relationships with banks and non-banks and is in the know of the best and cheapest products circulating the market.


A car finance broker knows in detail about tax implications attached to some products and to inform you of the products that will best suit your business or individual situation.


Knowing this information and setting up the car finance facility in it’s correct structure will save you thousands.


Basically, a good car finance broker, like Quantum, has access to all the available options through banks and non-banks and will work to find you the best possible solution. Whether you are looking for car lease, hire purchase, chattel mortgage, novated lease or a consumer car loan, we have the available resources to locate a product that best suit your needs.