Obtain Car Finance through a Car Dealer?


Obtaining car finance through a car dealer can offer convenience, however you will not be offered the best financial product.


Most car dealerships only have access to the one financier who finances their floor plan and this ultimately will be the lender that will provide you with the finance. Usually, taking out car finance in a dealership provides you with one car finance option only.


We believe that taking out a car finance pre-approval before you enter the dealership allows you to negotiate as a cash buyer. This shows that you are serious and not open to just any car purchase and any car finance packages. Otherwise dealers tend to confuse consumers through fast talk of interest rates, monthly repayments, insurance products, warranties and more and the final result is a package that only benefits the car dealer’s back pocket. They are not in the game of finance, they are in the game of selling cars!


We believe the best way to tackle a car dealer is to go in with one ambition. This one ambition is to haggle the purchase price. If you do agree to look at finance options with them, a dealer will often deflect your attention away from the purchase price and package everything into one repayment. This repayment may sound affordable and decent at the time, but if you were to dissect the repayments and calculate cost over the loan term, it will tell a different story. Car dealers work with speed and so will try to get you signed up on the same day. They do this because they know that if the client was to shop around for a quote, there is no doubt that they will find a much cheaper product through a car finance broker.


At Quantum, we understand the convenience of organising car finance through a car dealership, however as a car finance broker, we guarantee a better deal than any other car dealership can offer in Australia.