Frequently Asked Questions about Car Finance

Does the vehicle need to be insured?
What vehicles can you provide car finance for?
What is a credit file?
Is my car finance application confidential?
I need to get a document certified but I don’t know who can do it for me?
I’ve been turndown elsewhere, is it still worth applying for car finance through Quantum?
Can I re-apply for car finance if I was declined first time round?
Can I make extra repayments?
Can you provide car finance for an imported vehicle?
Are there any fees to apply for car finance?
I don’t want to get ripped off by a car dealer – can you help?
I am getting car finance but not sure of my on road costs?
Will you organise all the paperwork you need with the car dealer for me?
Can you source a vehicle for me?
Do I need to prove additional security for a car loan?
How long will settlement take?
Do you sell vehicles?
Personal car finance or Business car finance?
When will the first car finance payment be made?
What is a Residual/Balloon?
What is the process once I apply for car finance?
Will I need to provide documentation for car finance approval?
Can I buy a car privately? Can I buy from a dealer?
Can I get car finance if I have bad credit?
Can you explain a Commercial Hire purchase?
Can you explain a Chattel Mortgage?
Can I get a pre-approval for car finance?
Can you explain a Car lease?
How does the car dealer receive the car finance?
How long will it take for my car finance to get approved?
Are your car finance interest rates competitve?
Can you explain a Novated Lease?