Car Loans Sydney


If you don’t have a car in Sydney, it can take half a day to get where you’re going. Cars are a necessity - and if you need a new one, Quantum can make finding oneso simple! Our car loanspecialists take your details and your wish list, and lay out the cheapest and best quality choices quickly and easily. For car leases in Sydney as well as personal-use Car Loans, contact Quantum Finance. Give yourself a rest!


The old way of getting car finance is to trudge from lender to lender, either in person or online, putting in your details repeatedly and spending hours comparing different products. Quantum Finance lets you get a cheap car loan the easy way. Just:


• Enquire Online
• Provide us with a few details to organise approval
• Then we can hunt the market to find you a great car


We also have a great range of bad credit car loans for individuals who have bad credit.


Business Car Loans in Sydney


Quantum Finance are specialists in car loans for business purposes. We know which types ofcar loans for business represent good value for different business situations. We can help determine if a Novated Lease , Chattel Mortgage, Hire purchase or car lease the way to go.  

Why choose Quantum?


Quantum finance solutions is a company that “will work for you” from start to finish in order to provide you with the best possible solution.


We guarantee the best rates and lowest repayments on the market!


Need further information?


If you require further assistants, either call 1300 974 066 to speak with an experienced car loan consultant or complete a quick enquiry form