Car Loans Adelaide


Adelaide is a great city to buy a car in, with plenty of low-priced options. There are also hundreds of different car finance options - that's where Quantum comes in. We help you sort through all the different car loan options for the cheapest rates at terms that suit you. Whether you're looking for a car lease, bad credit car loan or plain and simple car finance for personal purposes, Quantum does all the comparisons for you.


Quantum makes it incredibly easy to compare all the different car loans Adelaide. All you have to do is:


• Make an appointment with a qualified Quantum car finance broker (Call 1300 974 066)
• Give us the details of the car you want to purchase
• Run through your financials - only once!
• Our specialists give you a range of car finance rates and options to choose from.

Quantum handles more than simple consumer loans. We can also set up tax-effective car leases and other car finance types. We can create a low-rate, advantageous arrangement for:


Chattel Mortgages  - great for businesses using cash accounting for GST
Hire Purchase agreements to take the uncertainty out of changing interest rates, and claim tax deductions and much more.

Car Lease Specialists in Adelaide & Australia-wide


Our Car Lease experts aren’t only for SA residents! We have a nationwide network of expert car finance brokers that can help make your next loan cheap, easy and painless. For vehicle finance Australia-wide, just get in contact with us and make an appointment.


Need further information?


If you require further assistants, either call 1300 974 066 to speak with an experienced vehicle finance consultant or complete a quick enquiry form