Business Car Loans


There are many different types of business car loans on offer. The right one to choose takes a lot of careful consideration. You need to assess current employment and or business structure before deciding on which type of product is best suited to your needs. It’s extremely important to get this right before committing yourself to anything. If the initial set up is not done correctly, it could cost you thousands! 


At Quantum we cater for all types of business car loan facilities. We have specialised leasing consultants that have the expertise to place you in the right product.


Please read through below a little information on the different types of products we offer and what they do. At Quantum we offer all types of business structures being:


Chattel Mortgage

Car Lease

Hire Purchase

Novated Lease

Fully-Maintained Novated Lease


If you are not however sure which product would best suit your requirments it's best to call us on 1300 974 066 or enquire below. Speaking with a consultant from Quantum will cost you's all no-obligation!