Car Leasing


A car lease is a structure that is best suited to companies, partnerships, sole traders and individuals who will be using the vehicle for business purposes. It’s also great for employees who want to salary package a vehicle by taking advantage of a Novated Lease.


Few Features:


Tailored contract terms from 24 to 60 months.

Fixed Interest.

Residual value (balloon) can be built into contract (great for reducing monthly fixed repayment).

Tax deduction through the ability to claim the total lease repayment.

Cheaper rates because commercial and secured.


GST is claimed by the financier, meaning that the price exclusive of GST is financed, further lowering your repayments.


A car lease is a cost effective solution for the right person or entity. The ability to claim the most part if not all of your lease monthly payments can work out to thousands SAVED per year. Repayments worked out exclusive of GST also will contribute to additional savings.


At Quantum we make the process as easy as possible. We guarantee several things:


1. The cheapest repayment in the market.
2. Instant approval or approval within 6 hours.
3. Friendly customer service, we will always answer your calls.
4. After hours availability.
5. Advice and education from professional consultants .
6. After sales service .
7. No or minimal discharge costs.


For more information please enquire online with us today, we will call you back within 2 hours.